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Author(s) Peter Marinacci
Update schedule Mondays and Thursdays
Launch date 2003
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
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Wombania is a comic by Peter Marinacci. Internationally syndicated to newspapers since 2003,[1] Wombania is now posted online on Mondays and Thursdays.


"Wombies", created by the late Dr. Franco to be the world’s greatest pets, are genetically-engineered super wombats.[1] They are playful, inquisitive, and slightly mischievous, and they live on Spam, wine gums, and chocolate.[2]

Controversy surrounded their creation, and unforeseen complications, fueled by a mysterious underground society and an international conspiracy, lead to the Doctor’s demise.[1] The Wombies escaped the lab and ended up living with their only human relative, Chris Land. They succeed in keeping his life interesting.


The Wombie characters of Wombania are:[1]

  • Binky: the brainy one, a rocket scientist, inventor, and philosopher.
  • Winky: a Wombie who is a little wonky, but with a big heart.
  • Twink: a passionate artist and gourmet cook.
  • Fraz: a high-energy hyper-Wombie.


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