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Wolvinny is a fursuiter.

They have three characters, two as a fursuit:

  • Main character Wolvinny, a wolf with cyan hair.[1]
  • Coco, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, fursuit[1] made by Templa Creations.[2]
  • Jail, a black/white/red wolf.[1] Jail fursuit made by:
    • head made by OneEyedDoe
    • bodysuit v1 made by Alphadogs, version2 by MadeByMylunee
    • paws (version1) made by isqueakypinky, version2 by Alphadogs, and version3 by MadeByMylunee.
    • tail (version1) made by OneEyedDoe, and tail version2 made by MadeByMylunee.
    • feet made by Poprockgrey (outside) and Sunny Valley Creations (inside)[3]

They were part of Furry Weekend Holland 2015 staff (as "Bar").[4]


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