Wolves' Paradise

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Wolves' Paradise
Wolves Paradise Logo.jpg
Author(s) Administrator: AlphaWolf Kiba
Launch date 11 October 2004 - present

Wolves' Paradise is a traditional Chinese-based furry web community that is dedicated to the posting of furry artwork, the creation of literature and roleplaying, and the sharing of a variety of animal and furry related news and hobbies, among many other subjects.

It also provides a free email box, blog, chat room, and image hosting service to its registered members. The community is funded by its webmaster, Alphawolf Kiba.

Daily rotation of logos[edit]

The first official logo of four wolf cubs playing on grass was designed by J.C. in April 2005. The original logo was up until the merger between Wolves' Paradise and Wild Land in September 2006.

After the merger, Kiba encouraged members to participate in the forum by designing more logos. To this date, logos continue to be designed by members and added to the daily rotation.


Some forum users have formed voluntary societies called "Clans". The members of a clan usually play their virtual roles, acting out their professions or fictional kinship between their fursonas for their amusement. For example a Royale Clan may have the king, the queen, the knight, and soldiers, while a Ninja Clan may have the professional ninja, the newbie ninja, etc.

Paradise coins[edit]

The forum has a currency known as paradise coins. These are granted through posting (the exact amount depends on the length of the post) and through other forum activities, and can be used in payments between forum members and to pay for name changes.[1] There is a trial system of hidden content on the forums which can be unlocked using such payments.[2]

In June 2008, a system of deducting a small number of coins per page view and banning those who with negative totals was proposed, the objective being to encourage posting and discourage lurkers.[3] The vote on the feature passed 28 to 15, and it was implemented on July 2.[4] A few members decided to leave or reduce their activity on the forums as a result. However, no bans have occurred as of October 2008, in part because friends of those in danger of being banned transferred coins to them through the payments system.


  • October 11, 2004: Wolves' Paradise was founded by Alphawolf Kiba and it was only a forum powered by phpbb. It was hosting on Alphawolf Kiba's home computer using a free domain name.
  • June 15, 2005: Alphawolf Kiba purchased the domain name: wolfbbs.net and moved the website to U.S. hosting services.
  • April 10, 2006: Due to the cpu over usage problem, Wolves' Paradise moved from a shared hosting to a VPS server.
  • Septmber 12, 2006: Wild Land merged with Wolves' Paradise to form a largest furry community of Chinese furries.[5]
  • December 11, 2006: Wolves' Paradise provided the blog hosting to the forum users.
  • January 9, 2007: To prevent spam, database overload and harvesting of members' personal data, since January 2007, registration is required to view or post on some of the forums [6].
  • April 25, 2007: Due to the hosting resource starvation, Wolves' Paradise moved hosting to a dedicated server.
  • August 18, 2007: MediaWiki software was installed on Wolves' Paradise.


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