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Wolftale and her boyfriend Joon's fursonas, drawn by Alector Fencer
Wolftale's fursuit head, made by MixedCandy

Wolftale Kiwaku (born July 4, 1986) is a Norwegian furry artist and fursuiter. She discovered the fandom around 2004, thanks to her boyfriend, Joon, and she has stayed active in the Norwegian fandom ever since.


Wolftale's fursona is a arctic folf, a hybrid of arctic fox and wolf. She is looks more like a fox than a wolf, and has black markings on her ears, paws, and tail. What makes Wolftale unique is a crescent moon mark on her forehead.


Wolftale owns three fursuits:

  • Wolftale, the fursuit depicting her fursona.[1] Wolftale got this suit from MixedCandy during Eurofurence 15. It was originally a "half suit" (consisting of a head, tail, leggings, and arms) and was augmented by a bodysuit made by Rarakie in 2010.
  • Emerald, a deer-like "forest spirit". Emerald was built by Qarrezel and debuted at Eurofurence 17.[2]
  • Jade, a green-haired red panda who was constructed by Templa.[3]

Convention history[edit]

Wolftale's first furry convention was CabinCon (July 2008, in Norway), and she has also attended:


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