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WolfmageX is an aloof presense in the online community. Though there are many therians today that readily claim to have more than one aspect, Mage was one of the first of the now "greymuzzles" that harbored both the dragon and the wolf together in the same body and made no real attempt to hide this nor advertise. Coined "the halfbreed" by many of his online friends, the name has been spiced up here and there to include such adjectives as "dirty" or "cranky." Shorter nicknames such as Wolfmage without the X and simply "Mage" have been common.

There have been documented cases of people attempting to say they are the original WolfmageX on the more recent graphical chats, but the real Mage frequents many of the communities (forum or IRC) that such imposters rarely know of. He is known for his intolerance for stupidity in all forms, and this makes him quite cranky. Whether it is the dragon inside, or just a hungry wolf, he is also known for eating his annoyances. Whether this is a good characteristic or not is still yet to be decided, but it seems to suit him just fine.

WolfmageX was one or the original members of the "House of Were".