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Wolfie character reference sheet, As drawn by Timmiboi
Wolfie as drawn by Timmiboi

Johannes Wolf aka Wolfie DMX (born July 1989) is a furry, musician and Radiofur from South Africa. He goes by the nickname of Wolfie or Wolf and is a brown anthropomorphic wolf. He has short brown fur with lighter shades of brown fur across his body with a large fluffy tail. He has a calm and friendly personality and is eager to make new friends to talk to. He has expertise in Computers, Electronics, Amateur Radio and is also a musician working with synthesizers and audio equipment. He is also a experienced gamer who now and again plays with his clan mates at LAN gatherings. Other than his technical hobbies, he has no ability to draw or produce any art.

Wolfie DMX discovered the furry fandom in December, 2009, whilst browsing deviantART, having been a fan of anthropomorphic characters throughout his life.


Wolfie creates music under the name DMX (Digital Music Xpress) with a number of keyboards and synthesizers. He likes to make covers of electronic music, mostly synthesizer-themed or 80s music in his free time. He experimented with various types of music, particularly giving traditional Afrikaans music and "Boeremusiek" a synthesizer feel to it.

Amateur Radio[edit]

Wolfie has been a licensed Ham Radio operator since February 2008 and is still active, holding a unrestricted, ZS license. He uses his communication skills as a volunteer at many community events and has assisted in times of disaster under the coordination of the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service and local Disaster Management organizations.

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