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Wolferajd is a furry who lives in Czech Republic. He lived in Poland until the end of 2013. His character is an anthro hybrid of wolf, fox and dog.


Since attending a furmeet in Germany, Wolferajd has been constantly trying to move to west Europe. His first serious attempt was on July 15, 2010, though it failed and he had to return to Poland on August 2, 2010.

Wolferajd has attended Eurofurence 16 as well as Cologne Furdance Edition 7. He attended Eurofurence 17, but was banned close to the end of the convention.

On December 10-11, 2011 he attended fursuit walks in Breda and Nijmegen. On March 23, 2013, he attended the Dresden furmeet and fursuit walk. On July 23 of the same year, he found a job in the Czech Republic.

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