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Yiffy Yaffle/Wolfee Darkfang

Wolfee Darkfang is the player of Yiffy Yaffle in Second Life.

Second Life[edit]

In October 2004, wolfeedarkfang found Second Life, where she created the account Yiffy Yaffle. She quickly became a builder and scripter, creating many items which can be found throughout the grid, including an open-source vendor system, intended to help new residents sell their creations and learn programming. She is very active in the community and forums.

The Forest[edit]

In January 2005, Wolfee was given the tasks of Head Security Administrator and a Builder for the popular furry-themed island simulation The Forest. She was in charge of keeping the peace, making sure that troublemakers didn't harm residents or visitors. She also managed a Furry Art Museum in the western side of the island as a hobby; the gallery contained artwork from various artists in furry fandom, rated from G to "tasteful" XXX.

In May 2006, Wolfee moved along with the other administrators of The Forest to manage a new sim - Serenity Woods, located in the Fur Valleys.


Second Life Furry logo

In early 2006, after a meeting of all furry and/or furry-friendly sims' administrators or owners was held on FurNation Worlds to discuss strategies for unifying the furry fandom within Second Life. Wolfee was given the task of designing what was intended to be an official identifying symbol for all furry presence within this Second Life.

All new furry sims/locations since 2007 were given the image to be used. The symbol has declined in use since then, possibly due to the high churn rate of sims, sites shutdowns, merges and land resale.


For quite a while, Wolfee has been an active participant of the furry community on Youtube.

In the Past[edit]

Wolfee was once a large part of the "YouTube Furry War," which began shortly after Dalhusky had left his role as being the main target for trolls. However, Wolfee had been nothing but a bystander until he began making videos directly about the war. This led to being hacked, and being accused of false DMCAs, but whether or not this true cannot be proven or denied.

WolfeeDarkfang's YouTube Today[edit]

On February 19, 2010, Wolfee removed herself from the YouTube Furry Community's drama, although she still participates in the Youtube Furry Community itself. She now spends her time in the community with general comedy videos and videos targeted toward her friends, as opposed to the community or trolls themselves.

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