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Wolfe Thane, commonly referred simply as 'Silver (born February 1987), is artist who lives in Quebec, Canada. His name, "Silver", evolved from "SilverWolfe" to be more easily differentiated from others, though he still refers to himself almost exclusively as Silver.

His character's identity is divided into two separate entities known as "Silver" and "Wolfe". Representing the dualities of Yin and yang, depicted by gender and coloration of their fur. Silver is portrayed as a softhearted and shy Female worgal, standing a little over five feet tall. Her entire body is covered by silver-white fur and she has orange eyes with a circle of cyan encircling them representing the Sun as the "spot" of yang to her yin. Whereas Wolfe is portrayed as a firm and confident male worgal, standing over six foot tall with black and charcoal-color fur covering his entire body. His eyes are silver encircled with cyan, representing the moon as the "spot" of yin to his yang.

These characters are technically inaccurate philosophically as yin and yang. The masculine yang is depicted as white, and the feminine yin is represented as black. The white coloration on silver was chosen to fit her name.


Worgal is a name sometimes given to a hybrid species of a wolf and sergal. An interesting combination for the fact that Sergals are also a hybrid species divided into two subspecies known as Northern and Southern. Physical aspects from both of these subspecies may be present in a Worgal's appearance, often lending a Worgal a feral and rugged demeanor. Their long ears, much like that of the Southern sergal. The large manes that run from the back of their skulls down to the smalls of their backs, the likes of which resemble a Northern Sergal.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Silver officially joined the Furry fandom in spring of 2009, making his first public appearance in the fandom at the What The Fur 2010 convention as a volunteer. His presence in the fandom online extends further back to autumn of 2008 on Second Life where he first gave form to his fursona. Which has since evolved into two closely associated entities known as Silver and Wolfe.

Local communities[edit]

Silver is part of MonFur, a furry group located in Montreal, Quebec. He also associates to the FrancoFur Quebec based group.


Silver has been attending What The Fur, a Montreal based convention since its first year in 2010. To date he has always volunteered his time as a member of the Security staff for the convention, and more recently he has made his debut as an Artist in the Dealers den in 2012.

In 2011, he was on the Security staff for FurFright as well as Furnal Equinox, and continues to offer his assistance every year.

Silver has yet to make an appearance for any Global conventions or larger conventions such as Anthrocon. Though he has voiced his desire to make it to Anthrocon in 2013, and hopes to attend an overseas con in the future.


Silver has displayed interest as an artist in the Furry fandom. Though his work and artistic submissions on popular websites such as Fur Affinity tend to be sparse, he has shown a variety of art. Digital illustrations comprising a lesser portion of what he shares. Stone and Glass engravings are on display as well as Resin pieces. Officially he considers himself a [W:3D_computer_graphics|3Dimensional]] artist. Creating sculptures and 3D Renders of Furry Art.

Real life[edit]

Silver works as a 3D Graphical and Technical Artist for a large Video Game Publishing Company. He is Straight, a Metro-sexual.

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