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The WolfSpirits Pack is a IRC-based roleplaying group in which players take the roles of Wolves living in the heart of Alaska.


The WolfSpirits Pack was formed around February 25, 2002, by Kovo and Spirit.[1]

As of December 2014, the pack is made up of:[2]

  • Alphas: Atraya, Faolan
  • Beta: None at this time
  • Elders: Iceblink, Kovo(deceased), Noshoba, Spirit, WolfMoon
  • Subordinates: Noxion, Nightstalker, Kinta, Halfmoon, BlancaLuna, Terrastar, Whitecloud, Amayah`, Crimson, Amoux, Skydancer
  • Assessments: Aleera, Baek
  • Pledges: Destinny, Kuroi, Coranoir, Kokuro


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