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Wolf Pup Wielder, or more commonly called, Wielder is an artist, writer, fursuiter, and stand-up comedic entertainer. Wielder currently resides in Houston, Texas, USA with his poly-amorous family of four other men. He has been an active member of the furry fandom since 1993

Conventions and Events[edit]

Wielder has been attending furry conventions since 2014. A few of the conventions he currently attends are Mephit Fur Meet(MFM), Texas Furry Fiesta (TFF), and Alamo City Furry Invasion(ACFI). He has been on staff at MFM, since 2017, and [[Fangcon]in 2017. He was a Guest of Honor at Fangcon in 2016, as well as at MFM in 2013.

Wielder hosts a few different panels, two of which he performs comedic entertainment: Wielder's Moments and the Puppet Take-over Show. The two informational panels that he hosts are and Anxiety panel, that he co-hosts with Spike Norton, and a Polyamory panel that he usually co-hosts with one of his partners.

Wielder's Moments[edit]

Wielder's Moments is a panel that involves several stories and anecdotes that have happened through-out Wielder's life here on our very random planet. Though most of these stories are derived from real life experiences, some have a little extra story added in so that is appears more comedic, rather than life scarring. Wielder's Moments has been a panel at MFM, Fangcon, and TFF.

Puppet Take-Over Show[edit]

The Puppet Take-Over Show is an event with a small puppet staged with red curtain in which Wielder, and his co-host puppet, Happy Two-Feathers, sing, dance, interview current GOH, and perform several shenanigans that only puppets can perform in public. This event was created and implemented in an attempt to bring life back into puppet theater in the furry fandom. This event has several volunteers, which help with puppet performance, stage setup, and audio for the songs.

Local Events[edit]

Wielder has been active in the furry fandom for over 15 years. During this time, he has started and maintained many events that are open to all Houston furs, as well as any willing to make the trip.

The Game and Movie Night is a social event that occurs monthly. The movie selected must meet a certain criteria in order to to put onto the list. This criteria is that the movie must be over 20 years old and invite commentary. The games are all board games that require multiple people to play.

Pool Meets are held two to three times a year during the summer months.These events are open to furries,as well as some of the local pup community. This event usually lasts all day and is a pot luck event, so there is a little of everything to have.


Wielder is in a polyamorous relationship with Ranger, Sir Frauschman, and two younger pups. He has been living with them since 2008 in Houston, TX.

Wielder has a bachelor's degree in art, and practices his work daily. Some of his art mediums are watercolor paintings, graphite, colored pencil, and sculptures. The themes for these are typically one of four different categories: Still life, Abstract, Realism, and Tribal themed.

Wielder has been an outspoken advocate for the education and understanding of polyamorous relationship in and outside of the furry community. He is also a supporter for those with anxiety and autism.

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