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Wolf was a video game produced in 1994 by Sanctuary Woods. In this "edutainment" game, the player took on the role of a wolf, trying to survive in the simulated life of a lupine. Features such as barking, howling, and scenting are part of the gameplay.

The game could be customized: everything from the pack to the world playing in to the species could be changed, for people who wanted to just "play around" as a wolf in certain situations. In addition, there was mission play, in which the player was challenged to perform certain tasks in about 40 different scenarios, such as escaping a group of human hunters on helicopter or successfully raising a litter of pups before the winter.

The game came in two versions: Floppy and CD-ROM. The CD-ROM version included longer video clips as well as audio CD tracks containing a bonus soundtrack, but was otherwise the same game.

Wolf was so successful that it spawned a sequel, Lion. However, despite the same level of effort being put into the sequel when it came to fact-checking, it was seen as a cheap port of the original,[citation needed] and did not have the same success as Wolf.

Both the Wolf and Lion games are available at abandonia.com.

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