Within Hallowed Walls

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Cover of Within Hallowed Walls.

Within Hallowed Walls is a 262-page novel by Andres Cyanni Halden, printed by FurPlanet in September, 2008. A "work of anthropomorphic fiction for adult readers only",[1] it is the first volume in Halden's "Paladin Trilogy", followed by Beyond Hallowed Walls and Transcending Hallowed Walls.


Within Hallowed Walls is set in the fantasy universe of Bestira, where the Paladins of the Hopegiver serve as pillars of the community.[1] Commoners view them as immune to the normal vices of pride, lust, and jealousy. However, each worries about their hearts and the hearts of their comrades. The love between two males is accepted by their god, but it does not stop others from questioning their choices.

The main characters in the story are:[1]

  • Rasvim, a fox, who wishes only to be with the person he cares about.
  • Vorel, the wolf leader, who hopes to keep his chapel together throughout any hardship or complication.
  • Acton, a mouse who sleeps with every female he can to avoid his true desires.
  • Mier, Acton's oldest male friend, who just wants to make him happy.


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