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WishFurWulf is the fursona of the user Wishfur. Wishfur lives in the South-western United States.

Wishfur "found his tail" at the age of 16 while studying the furry fandom. Within a week WishFurWulf was found, and although Wishfur has not as of yet made any art, he has done some Anthro art. Wishfur was a brand new furry as of 2009.

WishFurWulf, again, although is currently pictureless, he is a gray wolf-like fursona. Gray fur for the most part, white chest and in-markings on the paws and up the legs. He is friendly, as his human counterpart is. Possessing basic Anthro skills, like talking, walking, the basics of an Anthro. He also is very intelligent. He wears a basic black shirt and black slacks, obviously his favorite colors are black, and blue. Sometimes he has his blue jacket on. Looking more realistic than toon, he is serious a lot too. He still likes to have a good time with friends when he makes them, but he feels alone and just wants to be accepted.

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