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Wirewolf (real name Space Ranger Ty Parsec) is a robotic werewolf species in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Ty Parsec[edit]

Parsec is an old friend and Space Ranger Academy classmate of the title character who feels smothered by Buzz Lightyear often saving him from danger. However, while assigned to patrol duty on the planet Canis Lunis, is accidentally bitten by NOS-4-A2, a villainous vampiric robot that feeds upon electric energy from other robots; at the time, Parsec was attempting to save supporting character XR from NOS-4-A2's bite. The bite penetrates both Parsec's armor and skin, which, when exposed to the radiating light of Canis Lunis, turns him into a robotic werewolf that, like NOS-4-A2, feeds upon electric energy.

Parsec's Wirewolf appeared in two episodes of the television series, Wirewolf and Revenge of the Monsters, with a cameo appearance in War, Peace and War. Parsec was voiced by Steve Hytner.


In the episode Revenge of the Monsters, Parsec is discharged from the Space Rangers by Commander Nebula because of his infection. NOS-4-A2 and XL, a villainous robotic "Frankenstein's monster" who is XR's "evil (and larger) twin", burst into the Space Ranger complex with a chunk of Canis Lunis' rock, immediately setting off the transformation of Parsec into a wirewolf once again; the wirewolf is then captured by the two and taken to Emperor Zurg's planet, where NOS-4-A2 has ousted Zurg from power and built a cannon that, by draining Parsec as a source, can beam the wirewolf "curse" across galactic distances, possibly transforming Star Command and all of Capital Planet into wirewolves. Despite turning both Mira and Booster into wirewolves, this plan is defeated by Lightyear, Ty and XR when they convince XL that NOS-4-A2 may dispose of him when he (NOS) reaches the apex of his power; the episode ends with the curse withdrawn, the death of NOS-4-A2, and the re-fitting/re-employment of XL as a photocopier.

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