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Leo and Natalie's fursuits

Wintersnowolf, also known as Rain, (born December 8, 1987 in College Station, Texas, USA) is an anthro artist, hobby fursuit maker and fursuiter, living in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

As a full time local Montgomery College student, Rain wants to advance her education by obtaining a degree in Mental Health, and a minor in art to ultimately do Art therapy with mentally disabled children. She is mated with Leo.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Rain has been in the furry fandom officially since 2007, but has always had a passion for anthropomorphic animals since an early age. She founded, but no longer runs, "MarylandFurs" [1] on Fur Affinity.


Wintersnowolf's primary fursona, Lady Rain, is a female Punk folf (a Wolf/fox hybrid). She is hyper, fun loving and easy to talk to.

Her secondary fursona, Natalie is a wolf/dog hybrid mix. Usually seen with a cute red Hello Kitty bow.

Other fursonas include characters Graffix, Sawy3r, Sasha & Caffeine.

Convention attendance[edit]


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