Winter Games

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Cover of Winter Games.

Winter Games is a novella by Kyell Gold. It was published by FurPlanet in September, 2012.[1]

Winter Games is rated NC-17 for graphic sexual situations. Its cover art and interior illustrations are by Sabretoothed Ermine.[1]


The synopsis of Winter Games reads:[1]

Winter Games
Sierra Snowpaw is just at the Lonnegan Ski Resort looking for a good time. You can trust him. If he doesn't talk a lot about his past, well, a lot of guys have done things they'd rather forget. A lot of guys have been through things they'd rather forget, too.

He's so nice that it isn’t that weird when he asks about some of the other guests. Not like a cop, though, or a Fed—well, okay. Maybe a little like that one guy from that movie. Maybe he's off-duty, settling a score on his own time.

Or maybe he's the guy on the run. Come to think of it, he looks around corners like someone's after him, too. But you know, some guys are chased by nothing more than the ghosts of their past...

Winter Games


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