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Winged Neko (Sebastian Kipp, born July 13, 1983), is a male fursuiter who lives in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany.[1] He is married to Sethaa.


Winged Neko is an electronic engineer. He is working in in the research and development section at a major car manufacturer in southern Germany. He is also an amateur radio operator under the name DO8WN and a licensed DOSB RC-helicopter pilot.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Winged Neko's first contact with the furry fandom was in 1998, when he found the first anthropomorphic pictures on the internet. They pushed his interests in this form of art and so he found the upcoming fandom in Europe. He went to the first furmeets and fursuit walks in 2004 in Hamburg and Bremen, Northern Germany.

Winged Neko developed and built a wide variety of fursuit-related electronics such as light-, sound-, or cooling-control systems.[citation needed] He brings tools to conventions to repair electronics.

In the period of 2004 to 2008 he was very active in taking semi-professional photos of fursuiters at fursuit walks and on conventions like the Mephit Mini Con.

In 2006 he put effort in founding the first 'Friesenfur Stammtisch', a furmeet held in Emden, where he lived.[citation needed] This monthly held furmeet later moved to Leer, east Frisia, where more furries of surrounding areas could attend.[citation needed] That furmeet was taken over by Schwarzer Werwolf, after Winged Neko moved to Bavaria in 2008.[citation needed]

He is part of the Eurofurence Staff-Team and an active member of the Cologne_Fur-Dance e.V.


In 2009, after a few years as an attendee, he decided to join the Eurofurence staff and joined the Security Team at Eurofurence 15. There he harmonized the used radio-system within the security.[citation needed]

He continued his work as security at EF16, until he took place as a team-director within the security-team at EF17. He worked in managing the radios for the security team and in merging the remaining staff radios into the same radio system.[citation needed]

In 2014 (EF20) he changed his staff duty from the security-team to ConOps, where he continued his work on the radios, now for the whole Eurofurence staff team.[citation needed]

In 2018 (EF24) he became the Director of the Telecommunications Department, together with Honigeintopf. The Department is responsible for the radio system, pager system, the internal phone system and the help- and information call boxes across the covention.

Cologne Fur Dance[edit]

In 2012 he entered the Cologne Fur Dance e.V. staff team and founded the CFD Security-Office.[citation needed] He ran the office until 2015, when he abdicated to Dhary, and moved to the event's Electronics team.[citation needed]


Winged Neko's fursona is a male, sandy yellow caracal with blue eyes. Contrary to what his name suggests, his fursona does not have wings.


Winged Neko has two fursuits of his fursona. Both are made by Sethaa. The first version was made in 2009 and is a toony version of his character.[2] The fursuit is equipped with a fan-cooled head and is tetradactylous (four-fingered).

The second version was finished in early 2015 and is a realitic themed partial fursuit.[3] The head is equipped with animatronics (ears), high powered fan-cooling, and LED lit eyes. Everything can be controlled by two strain gauges in the handpaws or by environmental conditions (light-sensor and temperature-sensor).[4]

Convention attendance[edit]


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