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Wilykat (commonly known as just Wily) is a furry artist who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His fursona is a Siberian tiger.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Wilykat joined the furry fandom at the tender age of sixteen through the Toronto Furry community. Being too new to know the old Toronto Trapline BBS, he instead jumped onto FurryMUCK as "Wilykat", then later "Wily", and finally dropped the upper case to "wily". Around 2004 he was officially @toaded from the MUCK.

Since he joined the fandom, Wilykat has attended many Toronto Furry gatherings, and (as of April, 2009) has attended Anthrocon four times. He was a founding member of Feral! and often in charge of Safety and Security and attended many of the conventions. He also brought to the con the leatherworking workshop, juggling workshop, and LARP-based capture-the-flag events. His history with the convention is being celebrated in it's 20th year with the theme of "Wilycon". The primary event will be to put all the whiners into a canoe with FuzzyBunny which will be capsized in the middle of the lake. Wily officially retired from Camp Feral! staff in 2008.

Wilykat is on Second Life as Tracer Glitter, and Fur Affinity as Tracer.


Wily is educated in art, psychology, computer science, and fabrication. He's an active entrepreneur, and businessfur in Toronto.

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