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Will A. Sanborn (born 1970) is an engineer and a cinematographer. However, he is best known in the furry fandom as an author. A furry fan, he has a fursona which is a raccoon that wears glasses named Phil. However, he is normally only identified by his real name.

Will Sanborn has written stories of many varying genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and modern day slice of life. In addition, his stories can range from non-sexual action, to romance, to various types yiff (both romantic and sexual). Many of his stories have been illustrated by Bernard Doove. He has produced at least one novel-length story, The Journey, but most of his works are short stories.

Will Sanborn's stories have been published in various furry publications, including Fur Visions and South Fur Lands. Two collections of his stories, Technicolor Dreams - Volume One and Further Dreams - Volume Two, have been published by Sofawolf Press.

He has been an Anthrocon staff member.

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