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Themed logo for Wild Times 2020. Author: DearlyDoo
Themed logo for Wild Times 2019. Author: Valuvial

Wild Times is a small, international convention in northern Germany.

It was started to fill the lack of conventions in that region and is planned to become an annual event. The convention is hosted in English despite its small size, as the organizers wanted to convey an international / European setting.

The first Wild Times took place at the Kulturhaus in Osterholz-Scharmbeck on September 19-22, 2019 and had 56 attendees. Its theme was "Into the Woods". The convention was a success, and thus the second Wild Times is planned to happen in late September 2020.


The mascot of Wild Times is a weasel simply named "Weasel". It was designed with the help of Meoxie.


It is planned to create a logo matching the convention theme for each iteration of Wild Times.

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