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Wild Starter Logo.jpg
Wild Starter cover

Wild Starter is an anthro Japanese manga comic book created by JoeWolf.

The comic book was originally known as Moon Raiders and Wild Flame, but after a vote in September 2008, its name was officially changed.

In total there are 36 acts, the last one was created in the summer of 2011[1].

Story and plot[edit]

In 2024, a rare ancient power, known as a starter, has reawakened after being dormant for 4,500 years. This power allows a gifted being to use the powers one or more different elements, but doing so also causes war, terror and acts of malevolence throughout the universe.

A wolf boy known as JoeWolf is gifted with the starter's power of fire. He is motherless and doesn't remember anything about who he is or his past. On his 18th birthday, he loses control of his fire power, alerting an unknown evil which sets out to hunt him down.

Joe and his friends must band together and save the universe from this evil.


In The World Of Wild Starter[edit]

Starters. Elemental base users that uses this in any way possible. The main element users well known are "Fire" "Water" "Earth" "Air" and "Lighting" But there are different types of starters that are recorded into records of the starters life.

The users known as Starters can use or create the element from their bodies using life force or energy or charaka. The amount of the element drains the energy from the body, but if used well and right. the energy isn't always required. It usually depends on the user's body and soul, and environment and surroundings.


About 4,500 years ago, this same power existed. Many starters lived in peace, young lives at age 10 learn their own element starter powers base on their genes, dna, and blood traits.

Even through many starter's elements is different from each other, but they aid in each other in any troubles or occurrences.

As to say that elder starters are wiser and great with the starter's abilities, even they able to create new elemental technique, these are difficult to learn unless you have that master starter's blood trait.

To many, its a gift. To others, its a curse.

But soon in time, a great event changed everything that day called "The Black Chaos" After this event ended, the starter powers suddenly disappeared and vanished, the users loss their powers and abilities with it.

The people of that era wonders and figuring why their gift have gone and disappeared. But no one never knew, and only the master and elder users knew why and what became of their powers.

Present Time[edit]

At 2024, the whole world and universe embraces and endures the new abilities given to them, a few souls and species were about to use, control, and fight with elements that they knew, and chosen with. The Starter powers.

Even children at age 6 learned and use this power that now comes back and return from a long term absence.

Now in 5 years after the returning power returned, sports, and tournaments were held to test each starter fighters, to be put to the test, to see who's the best of the best!

But unfortunately, war was fueled and pushed after this great power returned. Lives and homes were being destroyed, hate was growing. The anthros, humans, and more races were in peace, but hunger for power cause conflict and destruction, also along a unknown evil that seeks a rare flame, to gain it is to start setting off the war with the starters in a different worlds and different races.

But the elders and master starters knew this day was for told, that a chosen starter will be born and will aid the striving starters to bring peace and stop the darken evil that seeks a tool that can bring about the end of the world.

Starter Powers[edit]

  • Fire: Heat, Lava, Flame, Explosion, Blaze, Radiation, Ember
  • Water: Ice, Aqua, Acid, Liquid
  • Earth: Ground, Alter, Nature, Poison, Wood, Metal, Insect, Sand, Crystal
  • Wind: Air, Toxic, Sky, Storm
  • Lightning: Bolt, Shock, Volt, Static, Thunder
  • Light: Soul, Energy, Purity, Star, Healer, Dreamer, Life
  • Dark: Psychic, Death, Illusion, Matter, Demonic, Shadow
  • Unknown: More Usages to be discovered


  • Normal Starter: A normal starter is a user that only uses one element to fight.
  • Grand Starter: A Grand Starter is a user that uses 2 or 3 elements to use in special techniques.
  • Lance Starter: A Lance Starter is a user that uses 3 or more elements in combination.
  • Primal Starter: A Primal Starter is a user that uses rare elements types base on genetic codes.
  • Caster Starter: A Starter is a user that uses magic or spells combine with starter energy.
  • Tainted Starter: A Tainted Starter is a user that uses the element in a dark way.
  • Ender Starter: A Ender is a user that undo or destroys the element.
  • Warrior Starter: A Warrior Starter is a user specialize of a element(s)
  • Elder/Master Starter: A Elder/Master Starter is a master and strong of elements.


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