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Wild North
Wild North logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration September 21-24, 2018
Subject Furry

Wild North is a small furry convention that takes place in Northumberland County, England, UK. Unlike other conventions in the country, which take place in an inclusive hotel in a town or city, Wild North takes place in a self-catering bunkhouse in the countryside.


The official mascot of Wild North is Twizell the red squirrel. He is featured in official artwork as well as appears in photos.


Wild North was conceived by Kivuli, Ziegenbock and Tyde Ratmeat around March 2018, and was advertised through an invite-only private Telegram group so the first event would be a small testing ground. It was organised almost entirely through Telegram, where information was first published on March 22nd. Registration opened on July 30th and closed on 17th August, with 14 registered attendees (although two attendees could not make it to the first event due to unforeseen circumstances).


The first Wild North took place at the Joiner's Shop Bunkhouse in Chathill. Each attendee received a goodie-bag with a personalised letter, drinks and savoury snacks, those who paid extra receiving a t-shirt as well.

Big events included visits to the historic Preston Tower, Chathill Village, the Alnwick Food Festival (where a fursuit walk took place) and the Beamish Open Air Museum. Several board games, as well as video games and outdoor games were also frequent events taking place.


Wild North 2019 was confirmed at the 2018 closing ceremony to take place on the 27th - 30th September..

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