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Wild Nights 2013 was the fifth annual Wild Nights convention, held over April 25-29, at Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma, USA. The convention's theme was "Wild Knights of the Round Table",[1] and the Guests of Honor were FireFeathers (Artist GOH), Husky in Denial (Musician GOH), and Buddy (Fursuiter GOH).

Wild Nights 2013 had 200 attendees.[2] The con's charity was Safari's Sanctuary, for which $1,742 was raised though the charity auction and poker. In addition, MESA contributed $1,000 out of the treasury to Safari's, for a total of $2,742 in donations.

Staff[citation needed][edit]


Wild Nights premiered Jeff Goode's play Fursona Non Grata in radio play format to a full house with a standing ovation. Performers included Daxter as Dane, Lemming as Lisa, Pan Pan as Zebrina, Warnndog as Nick, Jazzy as Alex, Lung Ma as Teri/Paul, Calamity Cougar as Buckaroo Bobcat, Silva as Yava, Misora Rae as Gran Ma, and Cassandrus Blackclaw as the Narrator.[3]


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