Wild Frontier

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Wild Frontier
Author(s) Todd Starr and others
Update schedule hiatus
Genre Science-fiction, Comedy, Anthropomorphic
Web G

Wild Frontier is a furry comic about the adventures of the crew of the ship Hightail as they search outer space to meet new forms of life and find planets to colonize. The comic has been made with the contributions of various people. Has been on hiatus for years, on May 7th, 2011 the archives were moved to a new page on the Urocyon server maintained by Virmir of Crimson Flag


  • Concept, written, edited, continuity, colored (web version) and produced by Todd Starr.
  • Layout, design, tech, some pencils, and inked by Mitch Sonoda.
  • Character art in issue #1 (pages 1-22 of the web version) by Mike Higgs and Mitch Sonoda. (Both did character pencils, and both did character inks.)
  • Character art in issues #2 and #3 pencilled by Ken Singshow and inked by Mitch Sonoda.
  • Character art in issues #4+ will be pencilled by Todd Starr and inked by Mitch Sonoda.
  • Guest art includes the talents of Ken Singshow, EMR, Karabiner and Kitsune Inokuma.
  • Lettered by Paul Seid (Fender Fennec)

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