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Wild Abandon was a furry Twitch streaming team. It was founded by DiffuseMoose on June 9, 2020.[1] In late July 2023, Wild's CEO DiffuseMoose announced the dissolvement of the brand and the removal of all of its members.[2] There's a possibility of a rebranding for the team at a later date for a more smaller manageable size, due to there being over 700 applicants wanting to join Wild when they first opened in mid-2020.


Wild Abandon's goal is to support the furry community and shine a positive light on the fandom, by creating a space for streamers to share information and collaborate, and by collectively participating in charitable causes. Applications for new members are opened sporadically via the group's Twitter account.

The team's first fundraiser was held March 10–20, 2021, and raised $74,789.64 for Starlight Children's Foundation.[3]

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