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WildDream Art
Wilddream Art logo.jpg
Author(s) Founder: Snowkylin Lazarus

Art Designer: RiseWind
Coder: Snowkylin Lazarus

Launch date August 5, 2015
End date Ongoing
Genre Art Community
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WildDream Art is a non-commercial art community for works involving animals and anthropomorphic/fantasy creatures. It is based on similar sites, such as DeviantArt, and mainly serves the Chinese furry fandom. Works containing sexual subject matter are forbidden.[1]

Services and features[edit]

Similar to many art galleries, users in WildDream Art can upload artworks and post journals, "watch" particular artists and track new updates, highlight favorites and so on.

The features of WildDream Art contains:

  • Multiple Language: English, Simplified Chinese as well as Traditional Chinese are supported. User interface language will be automatically set depends on your browser language.
  • Mass Upload: Users can upload up to 20 artworks at one time.
  • Activity Flow: Watched artists' recent activities will be shown in an activity flow, which is similar to Facebook.
  • Contest: Support register, posting artwork and voting of artwork contest. Have successfully hosted 2 artwork contests about endangered animals with an animal conservation organization. Any organization that needs (animal/furry/fantasy creature related) online artwork contest platform can send application to WildDream Art.
  • Commission: Users can post their commission information on the website. Other users can search for the commission that they are interested in using keywords.
  • Subfolder & Tags: Users can use subfolders and tags to manage their artworks. Navigators through artworks in the same subfolders are supported for serialized artworks.


  • As an art site, WildDream emphasizes the copyright and originality. Users needs to guarantee the originality of their works, and select the appropriate copyright form when publishing. Any work involves the above suspicions will be deleted instantly.
  • As a platform for all ages, WildDream does not accept any works or comments containing sexual subject matter. They will be deleted instantly if discovered. If for art needs, containing contents includes slight bloody or horrible scenes, or rough words, or slight sex implications that may not fit children, users should select the appropriate label before publish.
  • As a platform for furry, users' furry identities are protected. Issues that seriously deviate from furry topics or are controversial, including but not limited to politics, religions and human racial issues is forbidden in WildDream Art.
  • As an experimental, non-profit fandom platform, WildDream does not guarantee for its continuous operation. If it was planned to terminate the services, notices would be made at least one month earlier. Users should backup data by themselves in that case.


Wild, one of the mascots of WildDream Art
Dream, one of the mascots of WildDream Art

The mascot of WildDream Art are Wild (a wolf) and Dream(a dragon), which are designed by RiseWind (Chinese: 白狼瞬光).

Daily rotation of banners[edit]

Banners are designed by members of the website. Designs that meet the requirement will be added to the daily rotation.


An Android app of WildDream Art is available on Google Play.[3]

An iOS app of WildDream Art is available on App Store.[4]

Donation to animal conservation organizations[edit]

WildDream Art collected selected artworks in the website each year as a printed yearbook, and sell them on furry themed activities. As a non-profit furry-themed site, all the profits were donated to animal conservation organizations. WildDream Art believe that the existing wild creatures on the planet are always the source of the creation of the furry-themed artworks. [5]

WildDream University[edit]

WildDream University ([8]) is a fantasy world setting of WildDream, presented as a university website. In this fantasy world setting, WildDream University is in another parallel universe where animals (furries, dragons) are intelligent creatures, and WildDream Art belongs to Institute of Arts, WildDream University. [13] The university website is updated annually (usually on April 1st).

WildDream Art in Greater China[edit]

WildDream Art is one of the only furry art galleries that support Chinese as user interface language. Many users are from Mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan.


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