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Wikipedia is a free, editable on-line general-purpose encyclopedia using MediaWiki software. WikiFur uses the same software, but covers topics relevant to the furry community, including topics of general interest if they have aspects of furry interest not covered by general-interest sources such as Wikipedia.

When it comes to furry fandom, the most developed project is the English Wikipedia, with around 100 articles on related topics as of 2010. Editing is loosely organized by WikiProject Furry. Quality has improved over time (with a few "good articles"), but still suffers from limited participation.

The English Wikipedia can be a hostile environment for furry editors; topics of questionable notability outside the fandom (what some editors consider furrycruft) risk deletion even if accurate and fully cited, due to the project's position on what are reliable sources and suitable topics.

Wikipedia also has articles on furry fandom in a wide variety of other languages; however - like WikiFur's own language projects - they are of varying quality and may not be actively maintained.

Wikipedia front page displaying a furry topic

For more about the differences between Wikipedia and WikiFur, see: WikiFur is not Wikipedia.

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