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Author(s) quoting_mungo
Status Rebuilding after tech issues
Launch date October 17, 2008 - present
End date Reset December 2022
Article count 242 (as of December 2017)
Genre Encyclopedia

WikiLurv is a Swedish-language furry wiki, inspired by TurriWiki and WikiFur.

The name "WikiLurv" originated from the Swedish word "lurv" ("rough" or "shaggy"), used to describe fur. The actual word for fur, "päls", did not sound as good. "Lurvisar" was previously used by comic artist Kolbeinn Karlsson to describe the concept of furries.

The wiki was first proposed in November 2006. In December 2022 the site was completely reset after a long period of downtime due to the host's supported version of PHP exceeding that supported by the old version of MediaWiki - by the time this was addressed, the current version of MediaWiki could no longer support upgrades from the older version.[1]


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