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Dough Winger

Doug Winger (also known as JustDoug) is a well-known artist in the furry fandom whose trademark is hyper-endowed herm characters. Though he is best known for his depictions of hyper-endowment, it is also worth noting the attention to detail that goes into the artwork, and, just as importantly, the humour.

Doug is also known for his quick wit and love of word play; the unofficial unit of squickage, the milliWinger, is named after him, as is the term Wingerized.

A rumor suggested that Doug was an animator for the acclaimed Nickelodeon cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants. This rumor is incorrect, but he has worked as an offsite freelance animation background artist for the same company for Dora the Explorer and Angry Beavers.

Doug plays himself as a human character on FurryMUCK, where he often spends time in the Herm Haven (a place whose very existence can be partially credited to him). One of his most famous furry characters, Pandora Pup, is also a regular resident at the Haven, but she/shi is not played by Doug.

Doug presently resides in Santa Ana, California, USA, with fellow artists Steve Martin and Bob Guthrie.

Fox Kitsunei, a character in Fuzzy Things

Fuzzy Things is a webcomic created by furry artist Jonathan Sario, which updates every Monday. There are over 1000 strips as of July 2007 and a special strip animated in Adobe Flash is being worked on. The comic follows a cast of several children of various species who live in a town called Russetville.

The comic centers around their day to day lives, which often involves getting into (and out of) trouble. Also included are the parents of the main characters. Some are not around due to living situation, or other problems. The comic has several science fiction undertones, as the world the characters live in is rather advanced (sporting technology such as beam swords, hover vehicles, and force-fields). (comic - more)

Halvdan woos the audience in the MFF 2006 County Fur Pageant
Halvdan woos the audience in the MFF 2006 County Fur Pageant

Image credit: GreenReaper
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