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A "typical furry fan" from Shawn Keller's Horrifying Look at the Furries

The furry subculture receives significant stereotyping. Furries are often portrayed as overweight gay/bisexual zoophiles with an interest in plush toys, who wear fursuits to hide their ugliness and lack of social skils. Some of these stereotypes have more than a grain of truth to them; a larger than average proportion of furry fans are openly gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transsexual. Others fail to hold up under closer scrutiny - even at conventions, only 10-15% of fans are likely to have brought a fursuit, and the vast majority have no interest in their pets as sex objects.

Furry fandom member demographics have traditionally mixed with the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, computing, and video gaming. The stereotype of the furry fan bears a close resemblance to that of the nerd and/or geek: a hairy, overweight male, often unwashed, and living in his parents' basement while surfing for pornography on the Internet. Ironically, many of those perpetuating the stereotype match this description.

Of course, the image of a social furry fan who has mostly mainstream, unremarkable interests and hobbies is not as titillating to sensationalism seekers, or groups like Something Awful. No matter how many furries there are who would fit the picture of the typical and less controversial, there remain those who take part in less common activities, exhibit outrageous or unwise behavior, or provide a relatively rare fit with the most extreme stereotypes. These have often been singled out and held up as the symbol of furry fandom.

There are also stereotypes within furry fandom itself. Many are specific to its internal culture; these are often based on the favored species of a given individual, especially among those fans who have a personal furry or who role-play frequently. For example, male foxes are often seen as gay, overly sexualized, and not very bright, while dragons are portrayed as arrogant, pretentious, and followers of wonky mysticism - and if female, they are fangirls of Anne McCaffrey's Pern. (more...)

Exterminatus Now

Exterminatus Now is a webcomic drawn in Sonic-style, following the adventures of two Inquisitors, a mercenary, and a daemon hunter as they fight the many evil and dangerous creatures that inhabit the world of Mobius. It is written mostly by Garry "Lothar" Webber and drawn by Alan "The Virus" Graham, with contributions by Martin "Silversword" Faulkner and Stuart "Eastwood" Edney.

The comic has many references to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The setting is the same Mobius referred to in the English-speaking video games. Lothar resembles Knuckles the Echidna, while Eastwood bears a passing resemblance to Miles "Tails" Prower, much to the artist's irritation. Chao like Blasphemy were created in Sonic Adventure - and, in one comic, Lothar tells how he was turned down from appearing in the Sonic games in preference to Shadow. There are also numerous Warhammer 40,000 references; the name of the comic itself is taken from Imperial doctrine.

The comic and its setting is a parody of a fan project which tried to create a new Mobius with a deeper backstory and history; a full mythology, political and social set-up. The project has been underway for years with no sign of completion. (comic - more...)

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