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FurryFaire is an online anthropomorphic MUCK focusing on role-playing in a world of knights and fantasy. The original server was founded on 26 May 1996 by Chetar, Mystique, Duelist, and Shiamat. From 2002 to late 2004, FurryFaire suffered a long period of downtime, languishing with very few active players, but it reopened on a new server in 2005 under the control of Tashiro and Snowpony.

FurryFaire is set in the mythical land of Kith Kanaan. Kith Kanaan is divided into a number of nations, each with a specific theme associated with them. The central region, and the primary role-playing area, is called the Shire Lands.

Across the land of Kith Kanaan various religions are embedded into the culture and many groups, both covert and open, espouse philosophies and training devoted to particular causes, including the Peacekeepers, Midnight Mage's Guild and the Crimson Paw. (more...)


The Over The Hedge comic strip is the work of Michael Fry and T. Lewis. Fry is the writer, Lewis is the artist. They first worked together in 1992 on Mickey Mouse comic strips. Each has had success on their own, with Fry as a screenwriter and Lewis illustrating children's books. They live in separate parts of the United States, collaborating electronically on the strip. The strip first appeared in 1995. Four book collections have been published: Over The Hedge, Over The Hedge 2, Knights Of The Picnic Table, and Stuffed Animals.

The strips are not afraid to tackle difficult subject matter. Everything from celebrity worship to stem cell research has appeared. In 1998, a series of strips had the characters considering the origin of humanity and the likelihood of reincarnation. The strips were awarded the Religious Communicators Council’s 1998 Wilbur Award for "excellence in the communication of religious issues, values and themes." (comic - more...)

Upcoming events
Feb 3-7: Rusfurence
Feb 5-8: FurcoNZ
Feb 6-9: Abando (SP)
Feb 13: Furboliche (SP)
Feb 26-28: Fur Squared (WI)
Mar 3-6: NordicFuzzCon
Mar 3-6: VancouFur (BC)
Mar 9-13: Gdakon
Mar 11-13: Furry Fiesta (TX)
Mar 18-20: Furnal Equinox (ON)
Mar 31-Apr 3: Furry Weekend Atlanta (GA)
Apr 8-10: Fur the 'More (VA)
Apr 8-11: Motor City Furry Con (MI)
Apr 21-26: Wild Nights (OK)
May 4-8: WUFF
May 5-8: AnthrOhio (OH)
May 6-8: Fur-Eh! (AB)
May 12-15: Biggest Little Fur Con (NV)
May 12-16: Mephit Mini Con
May 13-15: Gateway Fur Meet (MO)
May 20-22: What The Fur (QC)
May 26-29: ZodiaCon
May 27-31: ConFuzzled
May 27-29: Fur-Xoticon (MA)
May 27-29: FurDU (QLD)
May 27-29: Furlandia (OR)
May 27-29: Great Lakes Fur Con (MI)
Jun 3-5: Califur (CA)
Jun 16-19: CampFur (BC)
Jun 16-19: FinFur Animus
Jun 30-Jul 3: Anthrocon (PA)
Jul 4-7: Furtastic
Jul 6-10: ČeSFuR
Jul 9-16: Lakeside Furs
Jul 13-17: EAST
Jul 13-17: FurWanted
Jul 14-16: Furstock
Aug 4-8: Campfire Tails (OR)
Aug 5-7: Megaplex (FL)
Aug 10-14: Futerkon
Aug 12-14: Rocky Mountain Fur Con (CO)
Aug 17-21: Eurofurence
Aug 25-29: Camp Feral! (ON)
Aug 25-28: RainFurrest (WA)
Aug 26-28: IndyFurCon (IN)
Sep 2-4: Mephit Furmeet (MS)
Sep 9-11: Furry Migration (MN)
2016 (cont)
Sep 15-18: FurryCon (NY)
Sep 16-18: FursonaCon (VA)
Sep 30-Oct 2: FurWAG (WA)
Oct 7-9: Fur Reality (OH)
Oct 28-30: Furpocalypse (CT)
Dec 1-4: Midwest FurFest (IL)
2016 TBA
Apr 2016?: Ruhrcon
May 2016?: Cape May Fur Meet (NJ)
May 2016?: Mofukai
Jul 2016?: Cologne Furdance
Jul 2016?: LondonFurs Summer Weekender
Aug 2016?: RivFur (QLD)
Aug 2016?: Kigukemo
Sep 2016?: FA: United (NJ)
Sep 2016?: Fullmoff
Sep 2016?: FurJAM (NSW)
Sep 2016?: H-Con
Sep 2016?: Zampacon
Oct 2016?: Arizona Fur Con (AZ)
Oct 2016?: CanFURence (ON)
Oct 2016?: Elliott's Fall Festival (FL)
Oct 2016?: Fangcon (TN)
Oct 2016?: Furboliche (SP)
Oct 2016?: FURconsin (WI)
Oct 2016?: Furloween (FL)
Oct 2016?: HerbstCon
Oct 2016?: KCFur Howl (MO)
Oct 2016?: Kemoket
Nov 2016?: Central Plains Fur Con (KS)
Nov 2016?: F3 Convention (MO)
Nov 2016?: Furry Cruise (FL)
Nov 2016?: Howloween (BC)
Nov 2016?: Kemocon
Nov 2016?: ScotiaCon
Dec 2016?: New Year's Eve Con (IL)
Dec 2016?: New Year's Furry Ball (DE)
2016?: Furcation
Jan 12-16: Further Confusion (CA)
Jan 13-15: ConFurgence (VIC)
2017 TBA
Jan 2017?: Anthro New England (MA)

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