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Sam Starfall

Sam Starfall is an alien character in the webcomic Freefall. The captain of the Savage Chicken and a freelance con artist, Sam has aspirations to become as infamous a thief as Bruno the Bandit, although he already has quite a reputation with a wide range of restaurants and other establishments.

Sam's true physical form has never actually been seen. He claims to be of a race of sentient squid-like beings, and wears a humanoid environmental suit complete with an animatronic face which he controls with his "cute little facial tentacles."

Despite his constant trickery and self-serving tendencies, Sam cannot be considered evil, possibly because he lacks the mental capacity. Some of his most daring exploits have been for things he was simply too lazy to buy. Sam has exhibited a Huckleberry Finn-like insistence on pulling off crimes the "proper way," due in part to his huge ego, which also makes him oblivious to the fact that his own ship's computer has it in for him.

Since the arrival of his ship's engineer, Florence Ambrose, Sam has at times been foiled by her unerring honesty, although he certainly appreciates her hard work in getting his ship in working order. (more...)


Anakuro is a webcomic written by furry artists Ana (Stacie Pasman) and Kuro (George Takahashi). The slice-of-life comic follows the two title characters through events that sometimes parallel the lives of its creators, and takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals whose species reflect their ethnicity.

The comic currently updates on a bi-monthly schedule, but is due to return to weekly updates in May 2009. Strips are presented in greyscale, and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. (comic - more...)

Furstock 2007 attendees
Group Photo of the Attendees of Furstock 2007

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