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Ursa Major Awards

The Ursa Major Awards are intended to be the furry fandom equivalent to the science fiction fandom's Hugo awards, for outstanding achievement in anthropomorphic and furry arts. The awards were first presented in 2001 at ConFurence 12. With the demise of ConFurence in 2003, it was decided that the awards would be presented at as many furry conventions as possible. To that end, the UMA's were presented at C-ACE in 2004 and at Anthrocon in 2005.

Winners include Usagi Yojimbo, Yarf!, Ozy and Millie, Star Fox, Kevin and Kell, Faux Pas, Gary the Rat and Best in Show, and works by Kacey Miyagami and Dark Natasha.

Faux Pas #588

Faux Pas (pronounced "fox paws") is a comic strip created by Robert and Margaret Carspecken. The name is a play on the phrase faux pas, a social blunder. The central characters are the foxes Randy and Cindy.

Faux Pas originally appeared in newspaper spot illustrations and one-panel gags in late 1970's Boulder, Colorado. The characters have appeared in newspapers, newsletters, fanzines, comic books, APAs, and art shows since then, but were only redrawn into a coherent series in 2001, using scripts written in the 1980's.

Faux Pas won the 2005 Ursa Major Award for "Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip". A book based on the comic was published by Plan Nine Publishing in October 2003. (comic - more...)

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