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Pending tasks for WikiProject Second Life:

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  • Create an infobox template for, well, lots of things. SL users, SL places, SL groups...
  • Write more of this To Do list.
  • SLURLs might be something we could add to the infoboxes. In basic terms, I'm talking about links that will log you in at/teleport you to a certain location in Second Life when clicked.
  • Add an example to the preceding to-do when the grid is back up.
  • Flesh out the Wikiproject page.

Welcome to the WikiFur WikiProject on Second Life. This is a project that is meant to create, organize, and improve articles about Second Life, including biographical articles on people who've contributed to Second Life's environs.


This WikiProject was started and folded within 2006 by User:KaloFoxfire, who has since ended further contributions to WikiFur due to real world commitments. However, because of the vast expansion of articles which cover a much wider variety of topics that are furry-related, the WikiProject was restarted in December 2008.


Any of the following that is specifically oriented toward Second Life coverage on WikiFur:

  • articles
  • templates
    • navbox
    • infobox
  • categories
  • media (images, audio, video)
  • a future Portal


To join this WikiProject, simply submit your name under the following header, using {{User2|<i>Username</i>}}. Membership is open to registered editors.