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The White Rabbit is the most likely progenitor of the term Rabbits in Waistcoats
Rabbits in Waistcoats is a semi-derogatory term used to describe a genre of anthropomorphic stories with civilized animals, relatively normal looking beasts that talk and wear clothing, yet at the same time live in their animal ecosystems (albeit in houses) and are subject to predation.

A typical children's story, especially from British children's literature, is full of mice wearing dresses and throwing parties, while still having to avoid cats. The genre may also involves gentle tales of animal villages from a simpler and more innocent time, with mild adventure, though many of the more mature members of the genre can be downright dark and frightening.

Examples of the genre include The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Redwall, The Welkin Weasels and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.