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Autumn Vixen poses in her fursuit.

Fursuits are animal costumes used to adopt an anthropomorphic persona, usually in the context of the furry fandom. These costumes vary from simple designs made in an evening, to complex creations with fully articulated faces, tails, and bodies that run in the thousands of dollars. Fursuit makers can charge hundreds of dollars for a commissioned suit.

Most conventions include a "fursuit social" somewhere in their schedule of events, where dozens of fursuiters all get in costume to do some sort of social event, such as fursuit bowling or a fursuit parade through the con grounds. Additionally, at conventions, there is often a 'fursuit lounge' where fursuiters can relax half-in and half-out of suit out of sight of the normal hustle and bustle, repair damaged suits, and trade tips on fursuit construction and wear.