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Babyfurs in a Nutshell. Art by LoupGarou, character by Rieva

A babyfur is a member of the furry fandom who is also an Adult Baby and/or Diaper Lover, or is otherwise involved in infantilism. There are many different types of furs in the babyfur community, each focusing on different aspects and roles. Like furry in general, babyfur culture involves a good amount of role-playing, both online and in the real world. Role playing babyfurs will most often take on the role of a furry character in their infancy or childhood. A sexual subset of this type of roleplaying is known as ageplay (see Wikipedia). Common roleplaying themes include "cute" clothing (onesies, footy pajamas, overalls, diapers) and a child's environment such as a nursery or day care center, complete with cribs, high chairs and babyish decor. A few babyfurs lucky enough to afford the privacy and devotion will set up adult nurseries to role play as children in real life.