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Sibe is a noted community member and appreciator of furry art. Joining the furry fandom in mid-1998, Sibe quickly became a regular on the and newsgroups after attending his first Conifur.

Sibe has done more for the distribution of high-quality furry art than even the most prolific of furry artists. His dedication to the unrestricted publication of works by so many talents has brought him a measure of admiration from some, though he remains curiously less-favoured by the artists themselves.

Sibe specialised in salacious and tantalizing depictions of the anthropomorphic form, made available from his distribution center, #yiffnetbeats, and later via BitTorrent.

Sibe is also renowned as a public speaker. His last public engagement was at Conifur 2004, but his biggest audience has always been on FurryMUCK Tapestries LiveJournal GreatestJournal.

Things have taken a turn for the worse for Sibe, after being laid low by a horde of rabbits. He is currently adjusting to life with his new peers.