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Cover to Zu #15, featuring Felicia

Charles "Chuck" P. A. Melville is a furry author and artist. He was a guest of honor at ConFurence III, and at Conifur 2003. From 1998-2004, he also served on Conifur's staff as head of the convention’s dealers den. Over the years he has contributed to several APAs and fanzines, including Ink Spots, Q, Gallery, Ever-Changing Palace, and Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe.

Chuck self-published Champion Of Katara in 1986, first becoming involved with furry fandom upon joining Rowrbrazzle in 1987. In 1991 he moved from Rochester, NY to Seattle, WA, becoming a part of MU Press, first as co-editor (and co-creator) of The Furkindred: A Shared World with Edd Vick, and then from 1993–1997 as editor of MU’s anthropomorphic books, such as Zu, Cyberkitties, Fangs of K'aath and Corus. He also wrote and/or drew several short stories for some of the titles.

Chuck was nominated several times for an Ursa Major Award; first in 2002 for best illustration – the cover of Wild Kingdom #13 – and once in 2003 for best short story – "Riding The Lady" in Tales Of The Tai-Pan #33. Success came in 2004 when two of his self-published novelettes were nominated for best short story – "Felicia And The Dreaded Book Of Un" and "Felicia And The Tailcutter’s Curse" – the latter of which finally won. Felicia, a supporting character from the Champion of Katara stories, was previously the protagonist of a long-running serial in Rowrbrazzle, subsequently collected in MU Press's graphic novel Felicia: Melari's Wish.