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SonicBlu, hard at work

SonicBlu portrays a dinosaur character online, and considers himself a performer, singer, songwriter, author, columnist, voice actor and radio broadcaster, with a future outlook on live acting. He is currently looking towards a regular acting career.

At conventions, SonicBlu is most likely seen performing the stage of variety shows and/or masquerades. He is also a horror writer, known in a few places inside and outside the furry subculture. He heads the Furry Writers of Ohio (FWO), and also records furry and non-furry parodies of popular music. SonicBlu's albums are available for purchase at any convention he attends.

Due to a back injury, SonicBlu is no longer able to work any job which requires lifting, bending, stooping, standing, or sitting still for prolonged periods of time, and thus makes his living on his many endeavors. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.