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Leo (Kimba} and Lea (Kitty)

Kimba the White Lion (ジャングル大帝, or Jungle Emperor Leo) is a anime based on the epic manga Jungle Tatei. The show was produced in Japan, where it was known as Jungle Emperor.

The story and characters of Kimba were created by Dr. Osamu Tezuka, adapted from his own manga which was first published in 1950. Jungle Emperor / Kimba the White Lion was made in 1965 as a joint production between Tezuka's Mushi Productions and NBC Enterprises. This is the series that has become famous worldwide.

Kimba is often described as leading the way for modern anime. In spite of the show's chronological age it is still far ahead of most modern anime in its use of the medium. Tezuka exploited the possibilities of animation with superb imagination and storytelling skills. The stylized characters can express their emotions, motives, and intentions in an instant. Color itself was used in wonderful and powerful ways.

Kimba has been the subject of controversy in recent years. When The Lion King was released, people noted similarities in the plot to that of Kimba The White Lion, making people claim Disney stole from Tezuka's anime. It is reasonably certain that Kimba was at least a strong influence on the team.

The music was written by Isao Tomita, who has written music for a large number of movies and shows, and gained worldwide fame in the 1970s with his analog synthesizer performances.

The series was produced by Fred Ladd who also dubbed Sailor Moon, Speed Racer, Gigantor (Tetsujin-28) and Astro Boy.