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Ironclaw's cover

Ironclaw is a role-playing game by Sanguine founded on a dice comparison system and created with furries in mind. There are a total of 12 initial species, although players are encouraged to create their own. Set in a European early-renaissance fantasy theme, players can select to become anything from mercenaries to wizards to scoundrels and everything in between.

During the character creation process, the players are given 20 points with which to develop their character. The player is also encouraged to imbue their character with 'Flaws', which add more depth to their character. Beginning characters may gain up to 10 points back through flaws. Finally, the player chooses a selection of skills for their character, defining what they can do. There are four primary schools of magic but minor ones exist as well.

The basic premise of Ironclaw is one of caste struggle on the mythical island of Calabria. The are four great noble houses are locked in a struggle for superiority - the Rinaldi: a house of foxes that control the economic and cultural capital of the island; the Avoirdupois, a noble house of religiously devout and martial horses; the Bisclavret, a wolf house that has given up its pagan past and seeks its place through modernization, and the Doloreaux, a house of stubborn boars who practice the 'old ways' of nature worship.