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Portrait of a kirru

Kirrus are one of the alien furry species in the Furscape MUCK.

Kirrus vaguely resemble a large squirrel, with pointed snout, large bushy tail and tufted ears. They have soft fur, ranging in colour from grey to green, with light grey or white accents. The large green eyes are of an alien shape. Hands and feet have five fingers each, with the first and fifth opposable, facilitating both climbing in trees and doing precision work. They can use all four paws as "hands" if needed, but are capable of bipedal walking as well. Whiskers are present near the nose-tip and above the eyes. With this body shape, they are best adapted to an arboreal environment.

Chemical receptors embedded in the skin of the insides of hands and feet enable the Kirrus to sense substances present in and on the ground. Living in serial monogamy, Kirru parents raise their child (or children, up to three) together, until the young reach the age of ten, when they are considered adults. Both genders have a pouch in the lower abdominal region, used to carry their children until they are about a year old.

While omnivores by their teeth and digestive system, most Kirrus are vegetarians. They eat wild plants, as well as ones grown on their farms. They are well adapted to the plants growing on Jalan; their meals mostly consist of salads with fruit juices and wild spices and are usually not cooked.

Kirrus are social beings, forming families and living in groups of at least 20 members in small villages, to large cities. They prefer living in forests, and their villages and cities are usually a dense forest with treehouses that are hard to reach for non-arboreal species.

Despite being covered with fur, Kirrus wear clothes, notably trousers (with opening for the tail) and protective clothing. Heads, hands, feet and tail almost always remain uncovered, unless protection from hazards is required, and the pouch normally remains accessible.