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Furry Weekend Atlanta

Furry Weekend Atlanta, often abbreviated simply as FWA, is a regional furry convention held in Atlanta around Valentine's Day. The convention started in 2004, and next occurs 17-19 February 2006.

Furry Weekend Atlanta was the logical outgrowth of furry gathering held for years in Atlanta at the homes of various furs. Over the years, as more and more furs showed up in the metro Atlanta area, the gatherings became larger and larger. The idea of holding a furry convention was first raised in 2001 and then again in 2003. As the result of several planning sessions held in August of 2003, a concrete plan emerged to hold a convention in February of 2004.

270 people attended the first Furry Weekend Atlanta held in 2004, and 500 people from 32 states and three foreign countries attended the convention in 2005. Past guests of honor have included LatinVixen (2004), Jessie T. Wolf (2005), and Fel (2005). The 2006 convention will feature Atlanta local Bill Holbrook and Matt Burt.

Furry Weekend Atlanta attendees donated almost $3,000 to the Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary in 2005. The convention's current Executive Committee consists of Tiger Paw, Kiran Lightpaw, Flain Falcon, Four The Bear, and Lors.