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Roy Calbeck

Scott Malcomson is a furry artist, also known as his unicorn fursona Roy Calbeck. He is best known for his artwork (much of which is on Yerf), but also for being the founder and chief organizer of ZonieCon, a past member of the Burned Furs, and as candidate for governor of Arizona under the Reform Party ticket.

Scott found the fandom in the quarter bins of an El Paso comic book shop in 1989. Dismayed to discover that most furry comics of the day had been forced out of business, he joined forces with Jim Groat's GraphXpress to provide financial support for Red Shetland, culminating in an animated project aimed at translating the comic into a Saturday Morning cartoon. Over the years, he became a member of the Tucson Mob as a result. At one point, he attempted to create an umbrella company aimed at showcasing the best the fandom had to offer under the working label of "Rising Phoenix Comics Group", but was unable to obtain sufficient support from angel capital groups to move forward.

Scott was encouraged to become a member of the Dallas Brawl by Joy Riddle, and would later become a member of Rowrbrazzle. His character, the ex-military roustabout alcoholic Roy, was chosen as a comic foil to Joy's own Harry Horsemage. Ironically, Roy became a canon part of the BattleTech universe when Scott's take on the history of the fictional unit Eridani Light Horse was picked up by FanPro and published as official material.

Scott obtained 8,500 votes in 1998 on a $1,000 Arizona Reform Party campaign by participating in numerous debate forums. He served as a Delegate for Arizona to the 2000 and 2002 National Convention, being elected Secretary of the state party in 2001. Prior to that, he was a member of the U.S. 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment as an M1A1 tank crewman during the Gulf War. (more...)