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A statue of Beekin the Help Dragon

Furcadia is a furry graphical multiplayer online community developed for Windows by Felorin and Talzhemir, with contributions from a large and active volunteer community. Furcadia has been running since 1996, and is possibly the largest online furry community, with up to 4,500 users active at any given time. It provides a graphical environment where a furre (Furcadia character) can explore dreams (player-made areas) and interact with others.

Playable species include Rodent, Equine, Feline, Canine, Musteline, Lapine and Squirrel. It is also common to use one of these base species to create another; for example, choosing the colouring on a squirrel to make it look like a skunk.

While Furcadia is free to play, furres can purchase various add-ons (known as Digos) for their character using real-world money. These include four types of wings (Classic, Tri-colour, Butterfly and Bat), various alternate species (Dragon, Phoenix and Gryphon), and flight and fire-breathing effects.

Many third-party applications have been written to complement the Furcadia Client, including proxies, bots, editors (which allow the editing of patches, DragonSpeak scripts and dream maps) and alternate clients. As furres can create their own dreams, role-playing continuties range from Pirates on the High Seas, to Furres in Spaceships, to Elizabethan Gardens, to Medieval to Fantasy; one famous outside the Furcadia community is Lost Lake, featured in popular webcomic DMFA. The official continuity is known as Furre! (more...)