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Uncle Kage

Uncle Kage (Dr. Samuel Conway) is Chairman of Anthrocon, and regularly attends many other furry conventions. He has been a guest of honor at numerous conventions, both in and out of the furry world, including Albany Anthrocon, Feral! 2001, ConClave, Duckon, Eurofurence, and I-CON. He holds a doctorate in chemistry from Dartmouth College, and is a professional scientific researcher.

Uncle Kage's name is actually an abbreviation of Kagemushi Goro, or the Samurai Cockroach, his selected fursona. Kage has also claimed that his cockroach fursona is also part wolf. In 2001, Uncle Kage went incognito to Mephit Furmeet 5 as "The Unknown Furry", wearing a cheaply-designed fursuit, including a mask made from a paper bag.

Kage was introduced to furry fandom by Jim Groat at Noreascon in 1989. He became a regular of FurryMUCK in 1991 and still spends time there in the evenings. (more...)