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2's fursona, by Jessie T. Wolf

Matthew Davis, also known as 2, the Ranting Gryphon, is a professional comedian who performs mainly at sci-fi and furry conventions. 2 also performs and records audio 'rants', and hosted an Internet radio show called 2 Sense which ran until 2 July 2005 for about 80 mostly-weekly episodes, up to two hours in length.

A performer for most of his life, he began as a rock guitarist in the 1980's. He then ventured into the sci-fi and fantasy fields, doing comedy events at conventions during the 1990's. As a member of the furry fandom, he is generally well-liked for his humor, his somewhat liberal view on the world and his quest to spread the "truth".

2's alter-ego/avatar is a gryphon, his name allegedly coming to him in a dream about the creature. He regularly attends furry conventions and occasionally performs stand up there. He often jokes that he wants to build a furry army with which to take over the world.

2 currently resides in Arkansas, USA, in a social collective of fellow furry fans/artists ("furs"), known as the North Arkansas Regional Furry Association. (more...)