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Second Life furry logo

Launched in 2003 by Linden Lab, Second Life is an online virtual world consisting of hundreds of interconnected large-scale areas populated by interactive avatars. Some view Second Life as a metaverse, while others consider it to be more a graphical MUCK. At any time around 3,000 to 8,000 of its 235,000 users may be logged in. Users may choose to take any form they can create or purchase. The "main grid" is restricted to those 18 or over, though a teen version is also available.

FurNation Worlds Luxor

Second Life is funded through a combination of account subscriptions and "tier" (a form of land value tax). Users have the option to own or rent land parcels in a variety of sizes. Each user can create their own objects, but the majority rely on objects created and sold or given away by others. Business in the game's virtual currency (exchangeable for real-world funds) is encouraged, and content vendors have sprung up to meet demand. The major form of short-distance transportation is flight, while transportation between areas is typically performed through teleportation; both abilities are innate.

Furs dancing at the Luxor

The furry fandom has a major presence in Second Life, with multiple areas devoted to providing accommodation, entertainment and creative services specifically for furries, including body parts for avatars, accessories, vehicles, toys, pose balls for avatar animation, and scripts. The two largest are FurNation Worlds and those linked to Fox Valley, although Luskwood (the oldest, and home to Luskwood Creatures) retains regular traffic, along with its offshoot Taco. The Lost Furest is also a well-visited area, known for its Lost Creatures and relaxing atmosphere. A babyfur sanctuary is maintained at Cub Central, and Rainbow Tiger hosts a popular dance club and mall. Themes range from the pedestrian to the bizarre, although trees are common.

Luxury treehouse apartments, formerly available in The Forest

Until recently The Forest was one of the oldest continually-occupied furry haunts, second only to Luskwood and with a larger resident population, but a recent admin disagreement with island owner Anshe Chung resulted in the relocation of its content to a new island, Serenity Woods, amid much drama. (more... - Second Life website)