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Female (left) and male (right) Nephilim as depicted in the Avernum game series

The Nephilim, or Nephil for short, are a race of feline humanoids in the game series Exile and its remake Avernum, set largely in the underground world taking the same name. Most live underground after being sent there by the human Empire, who rule the surface world. Some still survive on the surface, albeit constantly hunted by xenophobic Empire troops. As a result, the majority of Nephilim underground and on the surface are hostile towards humans, though some do get along and even live amongst them.

Nephilim are one of the three playable races in the series — the other two being humans and Slithzerikai — and typically serve as a low-level enemy for the player's party to fight, though their role becomes more complex as the games progress. While Nephilim society is rarely explained in depth, much can be gleaned from the in-game descriptions and comments by NPCs. (more...)